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Post originale di: Debra ,


Paid electrician to do 800$ work already, paid 3000 to a friend from high school that loves me to knock down a wall and paint three rooms, he posted a beam painted one room and extended my move twice rajing 16 days and left his crap and didn’t paint even the day before my move, cancelled the move, gave him another week, didn’t even sow up, he said he paid the electricians 1300 of my budget cuz day 1 he was not on his job site here, they did wrong and he had to pay them again with my money 600 to come back to move two plug, I paid his mistake 1200 for moving two plugs , lost my front light and he never came back because he wasn’t making money on the job, I had to pay 1400 for some to finish - he said he thought the money was to see how far we could go with it and I didn’t bed to extend my closet as planned as it would cost money and by not doing it I save money and it’s a win win for all - really ! We agreed on everything and enough until he was present to direct the electricians, shaking hands and cash isn’t enough- he’s keeping the receipts so I can’t use in my taxes even tho I asked three times-you can’t trust anyone these days!!! Not even your daughters godmothers husband - what a bum- ruined the electric inmy house and now I have to pay someone to fix my front light that has nothing to do with my bedroom but he said he had to cut power to it for the day and never put it back on, when asked, told me to change the light bulb, I had to send him the text- really- I’m a new Home owner , had to pay 1400$ for some to finish so we could move in 20 days later after he said 4. I lost all hope in friends - this is costing me so much and now half ass plumbing in a brand new refinished kitchen!!! No money left , no hot water in the shower, but in the sink- no dishwasher , backup water, garbage disposal sounds like it works but doesn’t and the tubes are not right underneath gravity wise it’s a circus under there and the plumbers half assed the whole job- people have no work ethic!!!