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Post originale di: MAHIR RUDANI ,


Hello Everyone

i Have Faced This Problem

This Is No Firmware(software) And EFS Problem, This Os Hardware PCB Problem

When Me Try All Of Tricks Me Found solution Temprory But Solve The Problem

and Not A Power Swotch Or Mem. Card Fault

The Power Ic REBALL needed For Permentent Solution Or Replace With New

And Without Replace or reball I Have Solve This Peoblem

1. Remove top Side 3 Scru By Scru driver

And Use Handsend

its May Delay of the time shutdown

my expiroance when me using without scruw its fix some time gose $@$* down like 15 to 20 day after and its 1 time but no longer shutdown in the month 1 to 2 time just shutdown

try this solution

and 2nd some of the mobile not power ic fault its caused by front camera and proxy sensor fault

so try 1 method if not sucsses try 2nd method Good Luck