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Post originale di: Melissa Carvin ,


OK read through all these comments and more on other pages.  First off I have had my Kodak All in one printer 3200 series for almost 10 years now and I love it!!!! The picture quality is great and I have printed millions of pictures now for less than a $00.01 a pic.  The trick is use Kodak photo paper and Kodak Ink and then if people would take the time to adjust their settings to the Kodak recommendations  each time they are printing they would get the most out of their Ink. But that would require people to slow down and take a minuet and Lord knows no one has time for that. Also before you purchase any items for your printing needs take a minuet to look online to see if there are any specials on the items you need. I have found numerous times I can purchase everything I need and pick it up in the store on the same day at a minimum of a 15% discount than just walking into the store and buying it.

Unfortunately the ribbon has come out of the printer head cartridge on my printer now and I am trying desperately to find a quick fix for it but so far no luck. But I will find a cheap way to fix it one way or another because I love my printer!  Non WiFi and All! LOL!

I know my post is not a helpful one at first glance,  but if you slow down long enough to read it you might get a few helpful hints and not just with printer issues.

God Bless!