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Post originale di: Tui Lavulavu ,


Hi Guys not sure if this post is still active, I thought I'd share my research for this issue.

So after a day of researching different attempts I found regardless of dev mode and full refresh of cache and deletion of files it all doesn't work lol.

You need to request your organisation from whom you brought from which they use their G-suite which holds the serial number which once you get to connect to web will automatically search for the model number. At this point it will revert the login back to the original owners setup (organisation) .

I guess it's a 3 + security feature as even if you bypass in dev mode you will still have to bypass the net connection and then G-suite.


I done dev unlock

Took mesh off, cleaned and replaced,

Inserted dev code - revert back to the original setup but did not remove admins(organisations) privileges.

Recovery usb-

esc, refresh and pwr

From another comp added extension on chrome downloaded file on formatted usb

Plugged in does the integrity and only reverts a full fresh install but still organisations login details so fail.

I will retry chronos login via dev mode and get back to you all.


P.S please note this is for legit purposes. We are a