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An example for how to reset Windows 7 password without reset disk:

A powerful utility for Windows password reset without reset disk:

iSunshare Windows Password Genius, Chntpw, Ophrack

For more details, please see introductions below.

== Case 1: If you just want to sign in your Windows XP computer ==

1. Access computer with another administrator account

2. Start Windows XP with built-in administrator in safe mode

3. [|Create a new administrator account when cannot sign in]

== Case 2: If you just want to reset Windows password without reset disk ==

'''Method 1: Create a Windows password reset disk to reset Windows password '''

Which app can help you to create a Windows password reset disk? Perhaps you have searched and found lots of such apps, but couldn't choose one effective and safe from them. In my opinion, Windows Password Genius is worth trying. While you run it on an accessible Windows computer, it will give you a chance to burn a USB or CD disk with this program. Then after booting locked computer from the USB or CD disk, you can easily reset Windows password.

'''Method 2: Create a Windows installation disk to reset Windows password'''

The Windows system installation disk will not only help you to install/reinstall/repair you Windows system, but also change the registry file to reset Windows password or create new user account.

Firstly, [|create a Windows installation disk].

Secondly, boot locked computer from installation disk, and replace ease of access icon with command prompt program.

Thirdly, open Command Prompt  on login screen and reset Windows password with command line.

'''Method 3: Create a Windows password recovery disk with other free programs'''

Besides the professional Windows Password Genius, there are also several third-party free Windows password recovery programs, such as Chntpw, Ophcrack etc. You can burn them into USB or CD as a Windows password recovery disk.

Then start locked computer from them and reset Windows password by following wizard.

See how to [|reset Windows password with chntpw].