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Post originale di: Pablo Grossi ,


May I - I’m not sure how this works i usually am pretty lucky with other posts people solved issues i had and i followed along and solved them all. Macs break all the time huh.

I’m having the same problem, since last night the MacBook Pro 2013 (mid 2012) which had a motherboard replaced twice since i bought it - also replaced batteries 2x - now started restarting chimes goes into Apple logo charge up and then it will do it again and again.

I was able to get it running a few times. I did open and disconnected battery and left it for some 10 mins and put it back together and it worked. Until i looked at everything to see what’s up. I’m trying to update and when i restart it starts again the same issue.

That’s when i started reading this. I’m going try what you suggested too. Any other tips?