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I researched what was causing the clicking noise and it also will affect your signal lights If u  push on the emergency flashers too far to stop the clicking the signals stop to The company recalled certain years with this problem Mine is a 2005 u just have to look up which years it affects but it wasn't voluntary to where they pay to have your car fixed Its the component that your emergency flashes are connected to ur dash that makes the clicking noise It's a very easy fix just a few screws to take out then pop the ring around ur dash and it's ready to break taken out unplug it and plug the new one up I'm a woman and I done it They ignition switch,head lights, gas lines causing fumes in the backseat we're all on the list of recalls but the ignition is the only thing they pay for having repaired They make a new key The vehicles had been shutting off for no reason the switch would turn them off So Lok up the recalls on your Pontiac some are serious issues