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hi guys, i have the same problem!!!

my computer is Asus Maximus Hero Ix, i7 7700k, 8gb Corsair 4000mhz, 2x ssd Vertex 4 128gb, Corsair HX850i, 2x Nvidia GTX970 SC.

before update my bios 0906 to 1006, my PC has working fine, everything oks, i've been used SLI normal, but the problem is apper after update my motherboard BIOS, my pc stopped working on error B2 code, i search what is error B2, is Legacy Option ROM Inicilization, i try to do a lof things, like, turn off all devices USB, change PSU, SETUP settings etc etc etc.

I disconnected a video card, and the problem continued, I tried the other video card and the problem did not appear any more, I already find that it has a problem with GTX970, so I tried to connect the PC only with it, without the SLI.

I tried turning on the computer to find out what the problem of the video card, the computer forever in error B2 or which it passes skin error B2 and starts Windows, it seems that all the drivers have not been installed.

guys please, what can i try