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My car is hesitant to accelerate. Is it brake issue?


I heard a squealing sound in my rear back of my car a month ago. I immediately took it to a dealer and found that my rear passenger side brake shoes need to be replaced. They gave me a higher quote so I took it to a nearby mechanic store and they did a diagnostic brake check for $35 and found that my rear brake drum needs to be replaced and adjusted and they took $240. Last week I found it hard to accelerate after braking at a traffic signal. I pushed the accelerator smoothly and heard a squishing noise. Why is this happening and why is it hard or hesitant to accelerate few times after releasing the foot from the brake?

Previously I had a master cylinder replaced as advised. I also had self-brake adjuster replaced another time while I was on a road trip. Infact, before I went for a road trip I got my car serviced and got it checked before I set off. I am vexed with this brake problem and service as its just costing money. Can anyone tell why is it hard to accelerate now or hesitant to accelerate after applying brakes?


2013-Present Nissan Sentra