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i have been testing this a few times now, on brand new iphone 8 phones, aswell on the 8 plus.

I read your messages and it opens a few new questions for me!

When i test the iphone 7/7p screen on the iphone 8/8p including home button installed and original ip8/8p front flex installed. The iphone 8/8p will boot and fully work. including touchID, 3d touch, touch everything...

but now the problem, when i did put back the original iphone 8/8p screen  on the iphones. they did both have no touch at all.  when i tried it again with the 7/7p screen it also did not have touch.

i did never try the iphone 8 screens on the iphone 7. but above i read that then they have no touch. Is the iphone 7 after having installed the iphone 8 screen working again with original iphone 7 screen? or touch also never comes back.

I really try to figure out if the problem is in the mainboard / connectors changed pins or different capisators or its about the flex from the screens. And of course how to solve the no touch issues.

is a normal iphone 8 screen after installing and disatching a few times on iphone 8 also causing touch issues?

why is it working perfectly, until the original screen returns to the iphone?

i hope someone will share his/hers toughs  as i also share mine  including usefull info in my opinion.