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Post originale di: essteaeye ,


LOL @ the PCI slot cover tool. I was looking for a puddy knife and found one of them and was all like.. hmm... lol Worked PERFECT for my 6th gen Ipod Classic.

I use - iFixit's Tool kit(the one with the Spudger and the screw driver set and all that amazing stuff[WORKS WONDERS!!!! highly recommend]) And I also use that PCI cover plate! lol

One thing I have found that works PERFECT with out damaging the iPod classic is this little hard HDPE box thingy with a very soft edged pyramid type shape about 1/4 high off the corner of it. What you do is put the iPod in the middle, press down on the iPod GENTLY! but with a good amount of force, and the sides will open like Paris Hiltons legs. :D

Hope this helps!