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Why is my Tab not coming ON?


hello, I have a tab 8.9 4G p7320T which does not power ON.

I was trying to enable gsm voice call on it. So I first of all flash CWM recovery so that I could install the necessary zips to enable the call system. After flashing CWM, I now copy the zip files to a folder I created in the internal memory since the tablet doesn't take sd card. I successfully install the zip files but forgot to wipe cache and dalvik cache and went straight to restart. Since then till now it's not powering on, not entering into recovery mode, not entering into the downloading mode or showing sign of charging when the charger is plugged.

Also, when I plug the usb cable to my computer, it say format disk,

Pls what can I do to restore my TAB


Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9