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*FIXED* (sort of).

I had the same problem for 2 years and it '''drove me mad'''. (I had purchased AppleCare but they said it classed as "accidental damage" and wasn't covered. They quoted me GBP £850 to get the jack out, ffs! i.e., they would just replace the whole logic board, as they said the audio port couldn't be replaced on its own. So angry with Apple after this, what a waste of money. What bad service.)

In the end, after 2 years of fannying around using a USB-port audio stick every time I wanted to have sound — and after trying (and failing) to use the Q-tip + superglue trick, which just got glue stuck in the port — I got so annoyed by the inconvenience that I took the logic board out and was able to drill out the broken jack from the other side.

I did take pictures of the operation – I will try to find them and post them – but basically, from the inside the audio jack port is a grey plastic box surrounded by copper plates.

1) First, I separated the copper plates from each other. (They are each connected by a thin strip of copper, so I clipped through that strip with some small wire strippers.)

2) I then bent back the rear copper plate

3) I then drilled through the grey box from that rear side .... and out popped the broken audio jack.

4) I then carefully bent the rear copper plate back into position and did my best to make sure it was touching the 2 copper plates at the side again.

Positives: I now have sound coming out of my speakers again!  Woo!

Negatives: I *can* get audio on my headphones by plugging them in, but it's distorted. I guess when I drilled through, the drill bit probably scarred some of the metal contact points inside the port. But I don't care much, because I now have audio coming out of my speakers again. :)