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My old ZTE stopped charging correctly so I figured I'd get a new one had the old one a really long time and I loved it worked great never gave me any problems so I'd thought I'd get a new one.  Well got the new ZTE Blade Xmax. Problems within the warranty time frame 7 days thru cricket. Pausing on all music thru spotify, dezzer and so on. Also keyboard kicking out. Took it back to cricket and of coarse they were out of stock of this phone and have never heard of a problem like that. Said they could get me a different phone or wait for order to come in to get the same one replaced. I decided to get it replaced with same due to very first ZTE. After 7 day warranty period new phone started doing the same thing go figure the 8th day just out of warranty.  No more warranty thru cricket.  Called ZTE tech support said it was pause feature causing issues told me to change my quality settings in spotify. Changed them with no luck also downloaded all my music using Wi-Fi so you can play when you have no signal no luck still does not work. IDK what else to do I use my music all day at work drive allot gets me thru the day.  I hope ZTE comes up with a upgrade to fix this issue or I'm gonna have to get another phone can't take this BS.