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The best way to keep track of the size of each screw is first seeing and knowing each hole is for what screw. So for best results before you begin to disassemble your phone I would highly advise to either have a diagram map that you can buy or make one yourself by using the guides on here under '''TEARDOWN'''.

That guide gives you the specific size of the screw and the location of the screw in the order of disassembly. To make sure that your diagram is in order correctly,  mark on a sheet of paper the section of phone, the part and mark the sizes keep them separated to avoid accidentally mixing them up and being at risk of the long screw damage.

But don't stress out though doing this project. If you're cool,  stay organized and keep a slow but steady pace you can knock out in no time. It's not a race but it is your iPhone so handle with care and '''DISCONNECT THE BATTERY WHEN TEARING DOWN PHONE''' to avoid electric shock.