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Post originale di: Alameen ,


Ps4 randomly shuts down


I am having a problem with my Playstation randomly shuts itself down. There is no warning nor red light. It shuts down like it was cut out of power. Powering it on immediately after the shutdown gives around 10 sec of blue light then it shuts down. What I do is unplug the device from electricity for a minute then plug it back in and it works. The shut down happens randomly. Sometimes it works for an hour or it stays up for 4-5. Though it never stays more than 6 hours.

( it's a shared console. My brothers play as well)

I have the console horizontal and nothing near it ( so it can get as much air as it need ). Bought an external fan in case it was a heating problem, but the problem is still there ( the fan is connected to the TV ). Since I live in an area where warranty doesn't count, I decided to open up the console and I did clean it. I have also rebuilt the database.

The device is connected to a UPS. Tried to connect it directly without the UPS, but it still shuts off.

Any hint on what else I should be trying? I can't send it to repair ( can't trust "repair" shops here. It's Iraq...)  I would rather sell it and get the slim version, but I would love to try to fix the device.


PlayStation 4