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Here's how to fix error 48

1. Update your iTunes software

2. Restart your iPhone Device and Computer

Turn off your Device and your Computer. Then Turn them ON again. It will fix this iTunes Error 48 problems.

3. Unplug any extra USB Devices

4. Restore your iPhone Device without SIM Card

Remove the SIM Card

Restart the Device

Now, connect to iTunes

Start the ‘Restore‘ process

5. Clear your iPhone Browser Cookies, Cache, and History

Go to the Settings

Click on the Safari browser

Select the ‘Clear Website Data.’ option there

6. Do a Factory Reset of your iPhone Device

Go to the settings

Click on the ‘General‘ option

Now, click on “Reset & Approve” option there

By doing a factory reset of your iPhone can also fix this iPhone restore Error 48 problems.

7. Reset your iPhone Device

One of the best methods to solve this Error Code 48 problem is to reset your device. It will make many changes to your device. & also, make it better too. I know its most annoying & frustrating task, but it will help you.

Press & hold the Home & Sleep button both (about 15 sec.)

Reboot it

8. Run the Recovery Mode for your iPhone Device

Turn off your iPhone

Open iTunes & then

Connect your device to your PC by USB cable

Press & hold Home + sleep/wake button for some seconds

Now, release the power button

You will get ‘Connect to iTunes Screen.’

Now, your iPhone will be detected in ‘Recovery Mode.’

Backup & Restore the Data