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WOW! I'll bet it was a blast being the offspring and/or the sibling of ANYONE WHO (DIDNT) ANSWER her question. I bet you had lots of fun times growing up. If I happened to be the lady who asked the question, I would have asked each one of the stick in the mud jerks how they became such judgemental @%^!*.

I really can't believe all these people that answered this lady's question turned this into such an issue. "Rental agreement", "Lawsuit", and the absolute jerk of the decade "I hope your office at iFixit has a daybed".. You jerks have no idea why this lady is trying to get into the drain, maybe the necklace her mom gave her the Christmas before she passed away accidently went down there. Not everyone has the money the outrageous "come to your house and fix it" companies charge, I certainly can empathize with the financial end of that. You act as if she is going to hold you personally liable if something goes wrong by removing the drain plug, like the ass who said something about flooding the whole complex. By removing a drain plug? She could flood the neighborhood? You, sir are an idiot.

Robots and sheep.

Robots and sheep