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Reconnect broken wire to nichrome plate on toaster



so unfortunately this morning my toaster Braun HT 550 gave up on me.  The toaster lever just did not stay down anymore. So I disassembled the toaster and figured the issue was due to  crumbs on the mechanical contact  switch that closes as the lever gets pulled down.

I was so happy to see that the toaster worked again after removing those crumbs.  Next I thought "well, now that I'm on it, let's just clean it a bit more thoroughly.  During this, I unfortunately broke a contact from a copper wire to the rear side of one mica/nichrome plate.

At first I thought  "well, let's just solder it, hopefully it won't get too hot". After testing I realised how wrong I was: the part get's hot and desolders itself pretty quickly. Also, it was indeed very hard to get a proper solder joint.

Previously, the contact was made using a cable lug and some sort of bolt through the mica-plate. The cable seems to be very brittle and mantled in some kind of ceramic?

Any ideas how to get the  wire contact back on that plate? Any advice is appreciated!


Image of the cable end


this is how it's supposed to look like I guess


This is how the broken end looks right now...


Braun HT550 Toaster