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Post originale di: Jerry Adams ,


I have the same issue. Really upsets me. I thought it was due to my reassembly but now I'm convinced it's a flip of the coin on if the phone accepts the battery.

My battery was dying like crazy. And I finally went and purchased a new one from eBay. Same APN as original.  616-0435. One wouldn't charge. Put Back original. It did.... But original won't hold charge. So I ordered a replacement.

This one would also not charge.

Put back original.

Now I ordered a 3rd 616-0435 and this one charges! Success so I thought... But now I started getting random reboots.

Now I ordered another APN:616-0431 or 0432... This one charges and works great. BUT it won't update firmware. I get an error 29. Very frustrating. So I'm stuck using this battery on 4.0... I can not upgrade to 4.2

So !$^@%#. Anyone can offer s solution to this issue?