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Post originale di: jayeff ,


Hi @leon1 ,

Have you tried using headphones (if there is a headphone socket) to listen if the audio is OK or not there?

What is the audio source for the TV, antenna signal, HDMI input, Composite or Component input etc?

If it occurs on only one type of input check the output of the device that is sending the signal, e.g. set top box or PVR etc. by connecting it to another TV if possible (except antenna perhaps, if it is faulty the video should be affected as well)

If it occurs on all types of inputs and in the headphones as well, since the TV is only a few months old (from new?), verify the purchase date as printed on the TV sales receipt or proof of purchase document and then consult the warranty statement that came with the TV documentation, first to verify the warranty period and if it is still valid, as to what you have to to to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement.