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This can mean a number of things, one of which is a dirty or broken 62 pin connector (where the game connects into the SNES). The red blinking light can come up if its unable to read a cartridge, or the cartridge connector has gone bad. Try sanding the pins of the 62 pin in the SNES with a fine grit sandpaper, then testing the system again with a game.  You can also clean the cartridge connector's pins with isoproyrol alcohol 80% or higher and a q-tip.  If that doesn't work, then you may need to replace the cartridge connector. Depending on which version of the SNES you have, the 62 pin should be removable by hand, making for an easy replacement.

You can clean it by opening the slot the cartridge enters, although it might be easier to remove the top of the case. If you do need to remove the top of the case, you'll need a gamebit screwdriver which can be found [product|IF145-104-4|here,] or at your local classic gaming shop. The guide for the SNES can be found [guide|3873|here.] To remove the top of the case, you should only need the first few steps.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

- Ben