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Post originale di: jean ,


I had the older top of the line Keurig for 5 years.  It worked great and we really loved it. The pump finally died and we were forced to buy a new one.  I was hesitant to buy the 2.0 after reading so many bad reviews but the only one I really liked, as far as looks and quality, was the 2.0.  I will say this, after having it for two months, when it works right, it is great;  however, when it doesn't work right, it is a big mess!!  When you put in a cup and it starts brewing but then you end up with a pressure error, it is not only a waste of a k-cup (which are not cheap) but it is a big mess to clean up as well...which you must do or your future cups will have grounds in as well.  This can be very frustrating in the morning when time is at a premium.  We can't really figure out how or why it does this but it seems like certain cups do it more than others  ... so we stop buying the cups that seem to error more but to be honest I have had cups that consistently work great suddenly error as well.  I feel like they tried to make their machine better (and better for their bottom line) but it ended up being an epic fail.  Why fix something that wasn't broken?  My husband is ready to return it as the problem seems to happen to him more than me. Disappointed!