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I have a lot of WD drives, I'm a Vietnam based photographer and I use them to store my work on.  I travel regularly for work so I keep three copies of every drive so that I can travel with two drives and leave one behind in case I get robbed while I am travelling.  When all three drives are full I send the third drive back to my home country of Australia in case something happens to my drives in Vietnam.  I have been using WD drives since 2012 and I now have 24 drives in total.  In the past six months I've had this happen twice so I am thankful that I always keep backups of everything.  On a side note I sync the backups using a program called Cronosync which syncs all new and updated files automatically at the click of a button.  Anyway luckily both of effected drives where still under warranty when it happened and both where backed up onto other copies.  WD replaced the drives within a few days of me notifying them of the problem as well.  So for anyone whom does have a backup (and anything important should be backed up) then this is the best way to fix the problem.  Just get onto the WD website and log into the my support section.  Notify them of the problem and the drive will be replaced.