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Post originale di: madiner ,


My 4s Apple iPhone went into a searching and no service mode today.  I contact my carrier att diagnostics were ran nothing happened.  I was advised to go to an att retail store and have them insert a new sim, I did that.  No service and searching continued.  The att rep advised me to take to an Apple Store.  I did not instead I went home.  I telephoned Apple Store and was told I needed an appointment or either com in early close to when the store opens and I may get lucky to be on a waiting list. Oh I forgot to mention there weren't any available appointments until Tuesday January 9, 2017.  Hm this happened on Monday January 2, 2017.  In the meantime as I spoke to the gentlemen at te Apple Store he ran diagnostics and wasn't able to detect the issue.  Later that night  I decieded to reset the phone to the original settings.  Later that night while had just fallen asleep I began to receive text Mssgs.  I reached for the phone sure enough it was up and running, I noticed in the upper left hand corner on the screen it said 3G.  Well anyway it's working again and no one helped me but me.   Just sayin!!!  Therefore if you ever run into the issue of your phone searching/no service do not hesitate to reset back to factory setting that may very well correct the issue and save yourself some time.  Good Night!!!