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It's the strangest thing!

I took everything apart, I mean dismounted the monitor from the computer, unplugged all cables, jiggle a little bit with them, checked the connection of the display cable to the screen,  for that I had to take off the black protector on the bottom of the screen where the antennas and display cable is, and I mounted all the computer again without it and now it's working perfectly.

I can only assume this is a cable thing that when pressed stops working. Maybe it's pinched somewhere. Or maybe a bad connection inside the LCD that when I push everything it worked.

If there was any chipset problem I shouldn't be able to be working on my computer right now as I am. I already restarted the computer several times, closed and opened lid and my LCD is perfect. I hope this lasts, maybe I'll change the display cable (take it to an expert because it's no game) just in case. I ordered one vía

Thanx to all for the help.