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For those who need to restore their iPads because it has been disabled and don't mind losing all their data, you will need to do the following:

1) Download the latest iOS IPSW Firmware File specifically for your iPad from a website you trust. (I've used this page:

2) Put your iPad in DFU mode.

3) Open up iTunes on Computer

4) Connect iPad to Computer

5) iTunes will say iPad is in DFU Mode, you will need to restore.....

6) Hold Alt/Option key (for Mac) while clicking on "Restore" button on iTunes.

7) Browse for the IPSW Firmware File you downloaded earlier and select that file.

8) Follow the rest of the instructions from iTunes to Restore your iPad.

Hope this helps!  I've done this several times for friends and family.  The Firmware download thru iTunes never seems to work.  I've had successes using the downloaded firmware from