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I upgraded (I use that term loosely) GE Profile DW with SS tub a year ago, started to stink almost immediately.  Have cleaned the door gasket and strainer regularly and it still stinks incredibly.  This can't be right.  Why didn't my 25 year old GE DW stink like this?  I put my 25 year old DW in my summer cabin and now considering bringing it back!   This DW like many new ones has a built in loop on the discharge hose.  The old one did not.  Maybe it might be worth a try to remove the loop in the new one.  One other thing I noticed, to keep quiet I think the manufacturers have turned down the water pressure.  If you opened the door quickly during a wash cycle on the old one, you would get a face full of water, not so with this new one.  I even put a piece of clear plastic in front of the door to view the wash cycle,  the spray is pathetic compared to the old.  Don't know if one has anything to do with the other.  I am willing to dump my $900 DW if there's a model out there that doesn't stink but it sounds like other new models have the same issue.  Why haven't the manufacturer's chimed in with a solution?