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Post originale di: Lorien Prince ,


I remodeled my kitchen and installed a new GE dishwasher a year ago. It has smelled awful ever since.  I rinse my dishes well before putting them in the dishwasher.  I have had the plumber who installed the dishwasher out twice to no avail.  I've used Cascade and Costco brand pods, and have switched to liquid detergent with no effect. Finally I called for warranty repair this week. The appliance repairman said the smell was coming from my disposal.  He used zip ties to fashion a p-trap in the drain line between the dishwasher and the disposal.  That was 48 hours ago.  Now I have NO SMELL in my dishwasher!  It is a miracle! Thought I'd share this tip for those with a disposal. I told my plumber and he said he'd never heard of this, but was glad to know about it.