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iPhone 6S Glass Only Repair Big Bubbles after Lamination Machine HELP


I have been doing glass only repair on iphone 6. My success rate on iphone 6 is about 95%. On the iPhone 6S, I follow all the same steps and once lcd comes out of the Oca laminator machine , there are Huge bubbles witch are hard to remove on the AutoClave. I have to put them on Autoclave for a very long time witch later on cause for very small bubbles to appear on the corners of lcd( since OCA has been cooking for a long time). Im trying to find out if anyone else have problems like this. Maybe my machine is not right for this. I am even willing to buy a new oca laminator machine that does them correctly.

Please comment on the machine you are using if you are getting good results on your glass only repair , or comment if i should be doing something different on the iphone 6s compare to the iphone 6.

below are the steps I take

- remove broken glass

-remove polarizer

- clean

-intall new polarizer

-add antistatic paste

-use OEM glass & Mitsubishi OCA

-put on "KO no.1  Laminator Machine" 2 minutes vacuum time & 4 minutes laminating time. ( i have tried all type of setting here and still have very mix but not good results.

I have also tried messing with the psi pressure

- SO the problem is the Huge Bubbles ( not little ones ) once coming out of the KO  OCA Laminator machine.

thank you in advance


iPhone 6s