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Post originale di: mrhj0seph ,


I tested it with my router (NETGEAR WNDR 3700 Gigabit/Dual Band N router (A/B/G/N).  the NIC only tested at 100Mbps.  It is not a Gigabit NIC at all.  What also does not make sense is that the WIFI card is not dual band.  It only works on th b/G/N (2.4ghz) band.  The 5.8 ghz A/N band is much more suitable for media so this is big time mistake on Micro$oft's part.

The add on card they sell for the old 360 is A/B/G/N compatible, go figure what the &@$% they were thinking with the built in wifi card and NIC on the XBOX 360 S.