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first of all you need to check if the water is in the fuel or not. carburetor has the drain plug use flat screw to drain it and see if any greasy or water come out. if you see it, dump all the old fuel and start from there.

make sure you start you engine in the right proceeds: pump the gas to the carburetor (prime bulb) turn the key 1 click to the right (do not start) wait for fews second, and now press the key down for 5-6 seconds so that the "fuel enricher device" sucks the fuel to the engine, wait for 30 second and now start the engine.

if it still not start, try quick start fluid: (don't use it too much if you have 2 stroke engine, because it is not contains oil)

1. if the engine start for the short time and dead (with the quick start fluid), the problem is the carburetor (you need to clean it or even rebuild it).( specially the holes next to the butterfly valve)

2. if with the fluid the engine is not start, you can conclude that because of your ignition is bad (spark plug, wire, coil...) and you need to check the pressure of the engine to see if the piston is not cracked.