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Got to acer drivers and manual section and find your acer laptop through its model number and download the bios for your laptop.  when you open the folder you downloaded there will be a folder named "dos" open it and copy the files "FLASHIT" and the file with either a ".bin " or ".fn" extension, for example "P4LJ0112.bin" to a flash drive  formatted in either FAT or FAT32 extension.

*Plug your laptop to a power source

* plug in the flash drive with the files in it to the laptop
* Press and hold the FN + ESC keys and press the power on button
* when the laptop powers on press and hold the FN + ESC keys for 7 seconds and let it go 
* The Power button will start to flash leave it as it, will take about 10-20 minutes
* If the laptop turns it self off after, remove the flash drive and power it on.

You should have your laptop  up and running again.