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Here is my answer for this. If you have ever bought a Battery at walmart you may have noticed that the MARINE battery much bigger same amount of cranking amps costs 74$ VS 130 for the cheapest normal lead acid battery. For the past decade, i have had multiple cars and i have noticed something that most people don't think about. I've been replacing my batteries with the MARINE battery, this is a bad idea for a car, as the battery will be great for about a week, then its going to act like its draining fast, were if you leave your car for one night it might not start. Even though you have a new marine battery. The problem is WITH the actual NEW marine battery, as your alternator is pushing out charge, the marine battery doesn't accept the same amount of charge as the speed of charge as a normal car battery, this means that when your driving at night for short periods, the marine battery will not accept the amount charge that you have used during start or for the alternator to run, it just doesn't absorb the charge as fast and this is why your battery doesn't last long and doesn't give amount very many amps.  The lesson is, buy a car battery not a marine battery as the plates are thicker and absorb much less charge, making it a poor choice for a quick charge in a started running car.