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Post originale di: Henrich Hegedus ,


Sorry for the delay but the shipping took ages. So this is what the phone looked like


the replacement screen came with a plastic spudger whitch was useless after 2minutes of using it so I used a knife instead (I know that its  not the best idea but it worked out well)


some progress


the phone had a tape aplied whitch held the stock glass in I think that  it might have been strong enough to hold the new glass but I bought some screen tape so I used that. After the stock screen was away i cleand the display with alcohol just to get any leftovers away.  This is the final pruduct


the colours of the display are fine but you can see glow from the capacitive buttons when you look at a certain angle this could have been fixed if i have had put the tape above the button. Also if someone wants to do this Id recommend getting a seethrough glue between the lcd and the glass just to make it look better and feel better and heat the glass often while taking it of it will go a lot better.

@iapple thanks a lot.

Sorry for my grammar Im not native