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The information provided by Buddy is indeed factually correct, you may not be able to find anything because it is limited to (as far as we have been able to find) the MacBook Air 2011/2012.

For whatever reason, the batteries we test on Yosemite here, work just fine, but when customers are  running El Capitan on those MacBook Airs, the battery won't charge, or the OS declares it to be a bad battery and that it needs to be replaced.

So we request the battery to be sent back to us, and we test it, it works 100% of the time, and of all the cases of this, '''''not once''''' have we tested the battery and found it to be defective. Our return rate on those batteries '''more than tripled '''after the release of El Capitan.

It's extremely frustrating for us as well, because we don't have the answer as to why this is happening. We did recently get a second MacBook Air to test this out on, to try and narrow down the issue by installing El Capitan on it.

On the store page for that [product|IF188-070|battery] we have the following warning:

'''Please note''': ''This battery may experience issues under OS X El Capitan. We're not sure if all computers running El Capitan have this issue yet. If the battery you buy from us does not work, please contact us.''

We apologize for any inconvenience and we are continuing to further research this issue.