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Post originale di: Ninja ,


Hi guys,

I had the exact same issue with my ipad2. So I decided to do some research and found your input of replacing speakers without succes. I did some more research and found another suggestion from which worked a treat for me. So I tried pasting the link but it won't let me. So... Here are the steps explained and hopefully, it will work for you too. I am extremely grateful to have found a solution that fixed my problem. Good luck and I hope that it works for you too. Thank you so much Sweetwater and to you Fixit for providing a platform where we can share our issues and find solutions as well as saving a lot of money. Thanks to you we are also not throwing things away which will save the environment in return too. So... Here it is:

Reset by holding home button and lock button at the same time until the small Apple logo appears on the screen. Reset your device by going to ...Setting s> General > Reset > and select Reset all settings. ( I couldn't find my reset option so I searched in general settings, found it and selected it. ) This does not erase any Data but you will need to reset wi-fi . I hope that this helps. I am a very happy Chappy as I couldn't afford to take it to Apple as they probably would have told me to get a new one. As mine is maybe too old for them. It now works fine.

All the best.