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I've had this problem for many months before I finally diagnosed it correctly.  The problem is neither a motor nor a door-latch switch nor a central control module.  It is a motor control module, which is located on the left side (as you face the machine) behind the bottom panel (between the washer door and the pedestal).

Disconnect the power (i.e., unplug the machine) and remove the three torx-head screws that hold the panel in place.  Then unplug the MCU and remove it from the machine.  It is held in place by two screws and an adhesive (or velcro) strap, near the top of the  module (at least, that's what I remember).  If you have any problems, there are several excellent videos on YouTube, posted by skilled technicians, that will walk you through the entire process.  That's what I did and my washer worked flawlessly for about  a year.  Now it's doing the same old thing again (grrrr!).

Take the module with you to the Sears Parts Store, or copy the numbers from its case and send them to Sears Parts Direct (online).  A new module costs between  $200 and $300, so have your wallet ready.  Installing the new one is simply a reversal of the removal procedure.  Good luck--you're going to need it!  The Italian company that manufactures these babies isn't particularly reliable when it comes to shipping you parts that actually work.  As far as I know, they are the only OEM out there for these electronic components.  (Sigh!)