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Hello Ray.

I will give you my opinion on your options.

1. SSHDs could possible cause you a little strife, I know for older model Machines they work well but I haven't had the opportunity to test it with a newer Machine.

2. I do know (As a Apple Technician myself) that Apple Security Software disables the SSDs that don't come from a valid vendor. This only seems to affect models running OSX 10.10.4 and later.

3.  This model has a PCIe Slot, regardless of what configuration was bought. This is probably the best option and I recommend that you go with this one.  The PCIe slot is located on the underside of the Main Logic Board (follow the iFixit guide for assistance, [guide|20256]). Once installed you may need to format it using disk utility in internet recovery but there is nothing hardware or software stopping you.

I suggest that you purchase a Samsung PCIe SSD or a SanDisk PCIe SSD, both of which Apple use in their iMac and MacBook models.

4. If your machine was not purchased with a fusion drive you are unable to create one if you buy a separate PCIe SSD. (As far as I am aware, I have yet to attempt this)