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Post originale di: Nicole ,


I had this happen to me last night (iPhone 4S) and my top button has not been working for some time.

I could still use Siri (speak to her and hear her but no see anything) so I knew it was just a screen issue.

I read through many MANY forums the general consensus is to restart the phone, but without one of your buttons working that is difficult. For me it was a combination of solutions;

One person suggested holding the home button and the volume + button together for 25 seconds which can force a restart.

Another suggested running your battery flat, again hard to do when you can't access the screen. So I called my phone A LOT and talked to Siri  to run it down.

I think it was a combination of both things because my phone eventually turned itself off. I only know this because Siri stopped responding.

Then I plugged it into a power source and the empty battery icon appeared. About 10-15mins of charge and the screen turned on.

I hope this helps someone else out there.