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Post originale di: Rany ,


For those who are locked out of their computer and want their data, and in case a password removal disk did not work, here's a fix I use all the time:

- Power down laptop, disconnect from charger, remove or disconnect battery;

- Remove HDD;

- Put it in a USB enclosure; connect it to a Mac or Linux based system; if it's a Mac, make sure it has something like "Paragon NTFS" installed in order for it to read NTFS drives;

- Access the "user" files as if it was an external storage, and copy the needed data;

- Put back the hard disk in your computer, reconnect battery;

- Format or reset to factory settings depending on what configuration you have, such as access from a different admin user. Re-install OS, softwares, and copy data back.

Lengthy, but works every time.