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Post originale di: Ibukun Adebayo ,


I know this is coming late, but I've dropped my ipad 2 twice, and the first time had it repaired in the City - before getting it fixed locally, the second time.  This second time - having handed the ipad over to my son upon repair, he reported the same problem above.  The replacement screen seems pretty 'loose' also, apparently due to a crack in one corner of the iPad.  To 'fix' the problem, I went into the 'settings' panel and turned off the switch where the system was instructing itself to turn off the screen, each time the ipad cover was flipped on (even though I haven't bought a cover for the iPad yet.  From what I could tell, each time the screen was pressed and released, or turned upside down or rotated - the system appeared to think the cover was being shut. Turn off all the 'sleep' and 'cover' options, and see if this works in future.