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Blank screen after replacement


I've just replaced the screen on an IPad Air 2, I am testing it before final assembly and the screen is completely blank. I have plugged the iPad into iTunes and it is recognised correctly although I can't do anything with it because the device is locked and, of course, I can't use the screen.

I have tried reattaching the old screen (minus the home button), this was broken but produced a distorted image, however now it isn't producing anything visible at all.

I believe that the three connectors are in place correctly, they all gave the usual 'snap' as they went in.

I'm looking for any suggestions of what might cause this to happen. I have transferred the home button from the broken screen and obviously that is s delicate operation, could a blank screen point to a problem with the home button or should the screen fire up without one?

Any help appreciated


iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi