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recently dropped my iPad Air. It wasn't a bad drop, it was from about chair seat height and it has a cover on. A few hours later, after using the iPad almost continuously with no problem the iPad started giving me the blue screen of death and restarting. It would do this every 5 minutes or so. At this time my battery percentage was a 3% even though the iPad was plugged in it stayed at 3% (for over an hour), restarting by itself continuously. I searched for a solution and found that it needs to be restored by putting it in recovery mode connect to iTunes and restore.

I did that about 3 times, each time still getting the blue screen problem. I now noticed the battery percentage was going down to 2% then 1% during the times I tried restoring through iTunes. It doesn't seem to be charging while plugged into the Mac Mini.

The problem has now increased to the iPad dying completely while plugged into my mac mini through the USB plug. Now I can't get it into the recovery mode to try and restore again. If I plug the iPad into a power outlet to charge, it starts up with he Apple logo for a few seconds then switches off again. It cycles between the Apple logo and black screens continuously while plugged into power. But, as soon I unplug it, it dies completely. I had it plugged into power to try get some battery power on the device.

I thought of trying to get the iPad into recovery mode while plugged into power by holding down the home and power button. This does work but as soon as unplug from power to plug into iTunes the iPad dies.