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The worst of all is if you take your Mac Pro to apple support the take your mac for 2 weeks, they run their test disk, they say you is the PSU (you change it) $300 in a month problem return... you go back to apple support another 2 weeks thay say change the graphics card, another $200 ... then 2 weeks later problems return.... you take it back to apple support they say it is the mother board.... another $400 ... this is not garated that you will have the same problem in 6 month or a year... That motherboard are not produced today maybe refurbished.... so think it well before waste your money..... a core i7 2600k PC performs 1..3 times better than a mac pro 2008 with two xeon e5462... imagine the new i7 4th 5th 6th generation... Trying to repair this thing is waste of money including the $3000 you paid for it and they last from 2008 to 2010 all reports of failures started in november 2009...