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I just had the exact problem on my 2006 MacPro 1,1.

I managed to get it to work.  The symptoms where almost identical.  It would attempt to start, and then just "pop" off again.  I took all memory out (except for original ram), my 3 extra hard drives, even the video card, all with the same result.

I ended up taking the "insides" apart and thoroughly cleaning every part.  I took the video card fan assembly off, cleaned the heatsink and cooling grid, I took the PSU fan apart, cleaned it.  I took the front two fans out and cleaned them, as well as the back fan (by the memory).  I also cleaned the cooling grid of the cpu.  All these items had layers and layers of dust on them, almost like little blankets.  While I had it apart I also replaced the CR2032 memory battery, since it is cheap, and I had read that there could be start-up issues if it was old..

After this, it started like a champ, and it was soooo quiet!!!