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Mouse is not Tracking anymore


The problem:

All of a sudden my Magic Mouse stopped tracking my movements (cursor). So here is what I have tried:

1. New batteries, twice

2. Remove mouse from the bluetooth, and readded it

3. Clean the lens... which worked for 2 minutes

4. Clean the lens... again worked for 2 minutes

5. Tried it on other devices, at other places but tracking wasn't doing anything

What it is doing:

1. Left-click

2. Right-click

3. Scrolling

4. Gestures

5. Swipe etc

So here I am, tearing down the Magic Mouse on a Friday night.

What my best guess is that my optical 'sensor' is broken or at least not getting all the contact it should get.

Does anybody have a keen eye, and could tell me what is wrong with it?

Thanks for taking a minute, hopefully anyone is able to help me out.

ps. I get the fact that my ribbon is a bit loosy, due to the fact that it took it apart.

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