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If, after all the aforementioned cleaning remedies have failed and you still have the odor problem, you might want to get adventuresome and try disassembling the door. On some dishwashers, removing the screws allows removal of the front panel, while on others it's the inner panel that is removable.  Be very observant as to how it comes apart so you can reassemble it properly. Upon disassembly you will most likely notice a very nasty (and smelly) collection of food residue across the inside bottom edge of the door that is impossible to remove without door disassembly, no matter how many time you wipe the inside bottom edge of the door. Scrape off what you can with whatever tool you choose, and then wipe the rest of it away with a rag and hot water and Dawn dish soap, degreaser, etc.  Then, after putting everything back together correctly, run the dishwasher on a short cycle to be sure that it's correctly assembled and that there are no leaks.  In the future after this, always pre-rinse the dishes (rinse, not wash) before putting them in the dishwasher. That buildup at the bottom edge of the door is caused by greases and oils, combined with food residue that congeals there because that is the coldest part of the dishwasher while it's running, and because it does not get the blast of water from the spray bars as the bottom door edge covers that area. Also, from what I'm seeing posted on here, a couple short lengths of copper tubing slipped over a couple unused tines on the upper rack will keep the odors at bay as copper naturally kills the bacteria that cause the odors in the first place.