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I saw that you sent an email to iPad Rehab about this, so I will answer you here.

This is likely repairable, all of your issues are divided into a few categories--

No battery---this will cause the iPhone not to boot except on AC power, and the lack of info about battery status to the board will make the board assume that the battery is on fire and therefore best to shut this puppy down--hence your reboot.

Searching---this is most likely a simple problem, the phone doesn't know the correct date/time after power disconnect so you need to reset the date/time then toggle Airplane mode for the phone to give itself permission to find a signal.  However, it is very common on iPhone 4s to also have pry damage on the edge of the board near the battery connector that rips off some components that will also cause searching no signal

Wifi--The board should still connect to WiFi even with the wrong time/date.  A common problem in iPhone 4s is greyed out WiFi (as opposed to just not being able to see a wifi signal).  Greyed out WiFi is a failure of the WiFi chip itself.

We would be happy to help you with your data recovery, I will have my business manager answer your quote request by email from iPad Rehab.