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Hey guys,

I work at quite a big repair company. We have done thousands of Iphone and Androids.

We have a lot of different supplyers. The latest batch of iphone 4s LCD's all have this problem. Iphone5/5s/6(+)/6s(+) are all fine. We are now testing all the LCD's out of the batch. All have the dark lines. It looks fine at first. But when you get a pop-up or get the shutdown screen, that is when you see the dark lines.

We repair in an ESD space, having ESD wristbands and heelbands. We are testing the lcd's using a disassembled iphone. So this issue (we have here) has nothing to do with the metal plate.

One of the people here said something about static getting in the screen when they get referbrished. But is there any way to get this charge out? Someone told us to put the connectors on the table so it could discharge. But this does exactly nothing. Does anyone have a solution?

And what i found is; White lines mean it's not properly connected or the flex is damaged. This is a different problem then the dark lines i was talking about. Stripes (more then 3) are also a result of a bad connection.